New Bridge in Chatham May Impact Real Estate Values

The second major culvert and bridge redesign on the Cape in the past few years looks to significantly improve the aptly named Muddy Creek on the Chatham town line. This will likely has some promising effects on real estate values, especially on the Chatham side.


One of the most scenic drives on the Cape is along Route 28 on Pleasant Bay between Chatham and Orleans. Rarely on the Cape do you find so many water views and waterfront roadsides. Harwich has a section of road along this route and this is where you find Muddy Creek that serves as the town line between Chatham and Harwich. The new bridge is close to completion and it should significantly impact the tidal flow and make Muddy Creek potentially less muddy and certainly more navigable for kayaks and SUP boards. This may have a very positive impact in real estate values abutting the creek most notably in the Riverbay neighborhood in Chatham.